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Haunted Mansion Columns

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  • Haunted Mansion Columns

    Another user said my blog wasn't as easy to find, here it is duplicated in the prop thread... enjoy!

    The original in all its glory!

    My attempt at setting some scale. I got one or two good measurements from another site.

    Plywood blank. Doesn't look like much now does it?

    Added the top and bottom pieces. Starting to take shape.

    -continued in next post
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    attaching the top and bottom so it looks like it has "thickness"

    Here's the faux finish.

    next up is the light. I purchased something similar and modified it.

    original on the left. purchased on right. (before modification)

    -continued in next post

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      I had to make my own "wrought iron legs" out of wood. (I'm not a metal worker at all)

      I didn't have any black so I just sprayed something on it for some color.
      I used pvc pipe for the main base.

      Now time for the brick veneer. This is real brick, just sliced thinly.

      I used 2 types of glue. Hot glue for the quick set, and liquid nails for the permanent.

      I purchased the front plaque from a seller on ebay.

      Here's the completed project, thanks for reading!

      Completed size: 2' x 7'6

      Afraid of the dark? You should be!


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        Well done, quite realistic


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          ohhh... Nice! I can envision 2 of those in my house. One on each side of my bed! Maybe a headboard that looks like the HM gate?